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The light would break over
Time's arc (for it surely did
fly, although not like we intended) and all,
that is to say all,
the ripples in the clouds' fingernails
were painted with hose streams.
And hey! these
superficial wounds will heal,
it's merely the white noise in my ears
that hurts my brain (never you) so
don't fret; don't


Pitter --
Heaven must have had a
cavity today for she is quite numb and
dribbling all over your window
(I'd offer a kerchief to clean the mess but
you know how I lack in chivalry). Well,
things will look up
(or down, if you live
belowthecrotchoftheworld) and I daresay
the freezing will wear off in due time.

Though you
and I, but mostly it was
would split lips over broken teacups and
silently watch an earthquake devour the rainforest,
I think our pollution might
be only temporary (let's hope
gasoline doesn't stick to words).
For me, I always liked to crack spines
of the best books, saying that
I couldn't read the ends of the lines (I couldn't
read the ends of
your lines).

Coffee's no longer the answer
when staying awake is nature, maybe I should
stock up on tranquilizers
and wait out this tsunami
(under my table, under the storm).

Sleep, dear, sleep. We'll arrive in town
(moreorless) intact; the river
has not yet flooded the roads ("But we're
taking the train,") so
we'll be spared from green waves of
the farms just east of here. I told you that
maybe now isn't the time
and you said (I knew) that Time
is never ready, it's always
This is about YOU and the static on our silent phone call.
razzkat Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2005   Writer
wow, this poem reminds me of a potato. rather boring, and dull, and...bland. with little green things growing out of it. kind of like a potato. i would usually point out the one thing in particular that is wrong, but unfortunatly, the whole thing is just one big boring, dull, fucking potato.

Vesiculae Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2005
Gasoline doesn't stick
to words yet
this poem still
burns bright within me.
Burk Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2005
it's pretty. but you knew that.
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January 27, 2005
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